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Halo.Bungie.Org, and Louis, have provided me with countless hours of digital entertainment both before and after the release of Halo.  It is only right that now I lay my sword of digital bandwidth at his feet…
Halo Jackass [Kevin Kranzky]  10/30/02
Created a 6:45, 32.5 MB film that looks at stupid Halo stunts. Some of it’s hilarious, some of it is kind of silly… but then, I’d guess that can be said about the MTV film, as well, right

352×240, 6:45, (32.5 MB , Quicktime)


Halo Demo Promo [Bungie Studios]
Created by Bungie as a custom ending to the one-level Halo demo included (among other places) on the OXM June 2002 cover disc.

480×360, 0:46, (5.1 MB , Quicktime)
HALO: The Movie [Brian Josselyn, Blackstar Productions]
– LARGE (26.9 MB, Quicktime)
– SMALL (9.49 MB, Quicktime) [fixed audio synch]
– SMALLER (5.61 MB, Windows Media)
     “An outstanding account of what will be last years best console game – Halo Times
“One of the best Halo vids out there! – Louis Wu
“Ooooh! – Cybrfrk” 
DEATHRACE 2552 [C y b r f r k]
– It has it’s own home HERE

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