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Spent a few weeks; learned a new programming language and worked remotely to help out the HBO team.  There is now a Gaming Tips section for Halo, searchable by category HERE. HBO News Link HBO Tips and Tricks Soon to come: Dynamic Site Map (with counts) Searchable text Easier administration screens

Lookie what I have…

Since Brian Josselyn is such a nice guy, and I provided a wee bit of help, he mailed me my own copy of his DVD.  This is fan-art at it’s finest.   Here (right) is a photo taken by Delvael, of TeamXBox, during a celebration given by Bungie upon their 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD!.  It […]

Feel the love — what I’ll do for a free game!

TeamXBox is sponsoring a contest to give away five copies of Rallisport Challenge. So, I put my writing cap on and spent about 15 minutes whipping this little ditty out.  Although it is not as nice as the “song” someone wrote and performed, hopefully it will garnish a coveted free DVD copy. UPDATE[04/11/02]: I WON […]


Many have asked…let me say that I’ve been called many things in my career (no jokes please).  Three at work stuck, and I incorporate in a variety of accounts: 1. Hacker (the good kind, I promise) 2. God of Development (accounts created by an SA friend of mine — GodofDev) 3. Cyberfreak <– tada! See […]


The Pillar of Autumn Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship. Halo Seek out surviving Marines and help them fight the Covenant. The Truth and Reconciliation Board a Covenant ship in an attempt  to rescue Captain Keyes The Silent Cartographer Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo. […]